Tinyburg Tales Broadcasts


Tinyburg Tales audio stories are based on a fictional small town named Tinyburg*, created and written by the late Robert J. Hastings.  He is known to listeners as "Bob" Hastings. 

Bob Hastings is the principal narrator of Tinyburg Tales.  Ed Claybrook is the voice of "Uncle Billy" used to introduce each episode as the theme music begins playing.  Jay Greener produced the original recordings and broadcasts. The stories were recorded from January 1985, until early 1993, and first aired on WIBI in Carlinville, Illinois.

The fictonal town of Tinyburg is populated with churchgoers, civic-minded folks,  inquisitive children and their mischievous pets much like you might find in a small town or church setting.  Bob Hastings drew material from his background as a minister and his experiences growing up in a close-knit community to create Tinyburg and its memorable cast of characters.

BROADCAST TIMES:  Tinyburg Tales are currently broadcast twice Saturday on Bible Broadcasting Network. Check http:// www.bbnradio.org/ for your time zone schedule and information about online Webcasts. Unfortunately, transcripts of Tinyburg Tales broadcasts are not available at this time.

* Tinyburg Tales is fiction, and any resemblance to actual places or persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.
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